Delivering Long Term Sustainable value for our partners

There are many methods used to determine value in Real Estate. Some investors determine present value of future incoming cash flows to calculate an approximate intrinsic value; others tend to make an assessment based on a comparison of similar assets (comparable sales and rents) to determine a future value; and, the opportunistic investors make speculative assumptions on capital growth and income stream with the market sentiment.

We understand that determining value is vital, and although part of future returns is a function of it is current price, calculating value is not straightforward and varies depending on the requirements of the underlying investor. Our core mission to grow current value and to help our partners achieve their investment goals.

As complicated and skilful as the acquisition process may seem, buying is not the difficult part of the trade, delivering long term and sustainable value is. Essentially, this means that the importance, usefulness, desirability, and significance of assets are preserved and improved through a solutions based approach.

Very importantly, Global Land understands and incorporates technological advancements to shape future assessments of real estate. We are emerging into a shared economy. We see future value being correlated more towards the utility of the asset versus the lease to determine future cash flows. We are entering into a revolving door market of new emerging asset classes including smart homes, serviced offices, data centres and retail warehousing.

Global Land RE Team are committed to creating the future core through long term value incorporating a technological solutions based approach.

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